Brewing coffee with a pourover dripper...

This is a recipe for rather strong 12 oz. cup of coffee. The ratio is 15g of water to 1g of coffee, so you can adjust depending on how much you like to drink. If you like a stronger cup, try 13 grams of water per gram of coffee; for a weaker cup, try 18 grams of water per gram of coffee. 

1: Insert a filter into the dripper and rinse it with hot water from your kettle.

2: Grind 24 grams of coffee at a medium setting.

3: Add the ground coffee to the dripper.

4: Place the dripper on top of a 12 oz cup, on top of a scale.

5: Turn the scale on and tare. Be sure it's set to grams.

6: Start a timer. Starting in the center of the coffee grounds, pour hot water from your kettle until the scale reads 60g. You're creating a "bloom."

7: After 30 seconds, pour until the scale reads 210g.

8: When the grounds are almost dry, pour again until the scale reads 360g. When the water drains the coffee is ready to drink.

Try not to let your pour to touch the edges of the dripper or the water will go straight down without touching the coffee. Always pour from the center and gently swirl outward in concentric circles.